Friday, December 19, 2014

another view on Humanistic Philosophy

this man is working for minimum wage;
every day fighting for his welfare and even for supporting his family. 
he is paid so low that he has to return to work for his own existence.
:Herbert Spencer" so that the political and bureaucratic machine  can keep
the cogs in the great wheel turning; punching the time clock but never getting ahead, even falling
deeper into debt than he can re-pay;(only in Amerika).
we're all alone in this world, even alienated from our own thoughts;
because the living we do is filled with so much pain.
the sea knows best; keeping the waves rolling ashore
without hesitation in the continual ebb and wane of nature.
we climb the ladder of success and when we reach the top and jump off
back to the sea
and swim back to shore only to start all over again.
sure it's human nature, and nature itself knows
you can only rise to tour own limits.
knowledge is power.
sure wouldn't want to burst your bubble; but what about the children? if it is so hard for us what will become of them? technology has come so far
but you still wonder where are we going?
war my friend in the name of peace; where are all the jobs? and you're too old now;
too young for social security and too old to make a difference. where do we go from here?
it's nice to have a friend. I wish i did?
just me alone
on an empty highway.
maybe i'll perhaps 
get off the road and sit by the pond
and ponder
what's next?
it's a great big universe that holds us on a very little planet; but sometimes this living existence
makes us feel so small and insignificant
but we are more than that.
everybody needs help sometimes.
it's supposed to be such a wonderful world, except if your a refugee or homeless or hungry and need work. try to get along without money, just broke and out of luck and down and out and 
there will be no Christmas this year. you're lucky to have what you do; most people want what you got. the sooner witter makes you sad to see the old man or woman on the street corner asking for help until the cop turns on those blue lights and makes you put your hands on his car and takes your sign and writes you up for begging; how many choices do you have now? Another storm is coming. you have to find shelter and you're hungry and broke.


so you take out on your own and meet your destiny
somewhere on the open road.
consider your options; you can take to the road and forget about everything as if it never existed; but the past always catches uo to you or re-configure your conclusions and re-consider all you can gain and,or lose. these great and small challenges weasel their way into our mind and disturb our sanity, our frredom is compromised by our wealth; not the wealth of knowledge of your mind; but the wealth in your empty pocket. you walk on; there are no options.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

spontaneous thoughts

as the sun rises on one side of our world it sets on the other and the moon phases into a new crescent lighting up the night sky, and your self has been enlightened by some kind of epiphany and time moves on taking you with it while we circle and spiral around somewhere in the universe and expand our knowledge base sending computerized probes out into the stellar galactic magnitude.                                                             


as civilization builds more and more highrises top the skyline, people are born and die, poverty separates from the rich and super rich and everyone is exasperated by class and race and religion and still we are one people on a little planet in the grand universal picture. life goes on and we make due with our skills and human nature.

another emotional and passionate thought:
music tells stories with sound and lyrics just add passion to the music
and without words the music carries you on and back in memory
percussion resounds and your own thoughts pound in your skull.

somewhere in time the present exists; but no one knows exactly aware; parallel universes possibly exist. besides it really doesn't matter; no one gives a darn except for their own present reality; 
history is made every moment in the time continuum.


it's dark in the shadows of the craters on the moon and somewhere
someone considers weather the moon is all dark
or our thoughts are enlightened by creative thinking or
perhaps it's all dark
except for that one light thought that always seems to float away.

visions, dreams, remembrances;
making a name for your self;
you've already become a legend;
people talk about you, and you talk to your self
and to God if you believe.
not an easy task.
awaking with startling imperfections,
you try to correct to no avail;
an exercise in futility.
you wonder what comes next?
tomorrow always comes.
your legacy still is forming
experimental thinking in an imperfect world;
you wonder of your own utopia.
desolate, alone and alienated
altered humanity races forward and backward
in a singularity built especially for you;
never mind the rest of the world
it will not rest, but you find the time
in your busy schedule.
you reside in a flat, your own sanctuary
the one you call home
but no one answers the phone
except a machine that says
please leave a message.
you plan your day of leisure
your narcotic memory
and some bourbon, and a half pack of cigarettes.
the day fades with its own glory
but you live on thru the night.
satisfied but not content
you always remember except when you choose to forget.
beside your self and still
trying to understand God's will
if only you could be quiet and still
you still wonder
no wonder you can do that at all.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

just a little bit of philosophical thinking


you don't have to be a wizard to think philosophically or in the metaphysical way of thought.
we must learn thinking, because our being able to think, and even gifted for it; is still no guarantee that we are capable of thinking; but there are different ways of thinking that we do.
To be capable we must before all else incline toward what addresses itself to thought; to be thought provoking and awesome to the creative imagination and rationality. Sometimes we even have to improvise about our thoughts and reach our own conclusions through deliberation and sincere meditation. 

So you got a thought, you've been inspired by revelation and now you go about your work given to a thought of what was thought provoking that inspired you to delve even deeper of that same thinking with your creativity and motivated by inspiration realize with some anticipation your own revelations.

An active mind calls for thought along with remembrance; a perennial question . It happens to us when we cross that narrow isle of mind and matter, everything matters, nothing can be said of never mind. almost immediately we begin to think. It happens that we have the ability to conceive what we perceive from the gathered knowledge and wisdom of a sage, or perhaps a reasonable wizard. Yet man is called a being who can think, but different than an animal. We learn to think by giving heed to what there is to think about , otherwise we are just dreaming creatures with special abilities.

We are more thoughtless than thoughtful. no doubt otherwise we are mostly creative when it comes to matters of the mind and current opinion.

Sunday, April 27, 2014



You know everything has some reason behind it; or our imagination gets the best of us.
Though we know not; all we can do is think with the gifted mind which is our own and consider the thoughts we think we believe. Life is real and not just a lucid dream, or is it? We live in a reality greater than our own.
We owe our will to the expense of the intellect and to be non-exempt to the chains of reasoning.
The scientific method combated our sole reasoning from passion and emotion which have a powerful grip over our own passions that lead us to the state of action or non-action. We do our best to find complacency in the complex environment even on a world scale, even including the scale of a universe we know little of or how we fit into the grand scheme of things.
If the Earth tilted on its axis even one degree everything would change. Change is the one constant we can believe in. If our own perspective would tilt on its axis even one degree our entire perspective would take on a new horizon. Our thinking would take on a bold new direction.

Dry your tearful eyes from crying
accept things as they are
change is not easy, but comes easily
and move on from your indolence
and be courageous and bold thinking
of all the answers to your own questions.

Those tears roll down the side of your face
like rivers from misconceived notions
reality has more than one side
it goes on forever in any direction
by its own will; nature is its own being;
and we are constantly becoming fulfilled 
by our own destiny.

Dry your tearful soul
the rain is not eternal
it brings new growth
in the season of spring
and covers over this past winter.

It takes a little time
not much
while the minute hand passes the hour hand
once more. And still you keep changing
and your mind recovers from the "Re-Load"
you've been going thru
in the moments of "The Golden Eternity".

Time passes and takes its tole
and takes with it those who it wills
and brings new birth
to those who accept their mission
here on the Good Earth.

Sunday, clear the past from your memory
and make pretend all is new.

It takes a little time
not very much;
to keep or change your mind
but sometimes a decision
happens in an unspeakable way
and you keep control
as much as you can;
but your emotions overpower you
like the waves of the ocean
crashing upon the shore.

The same waves
bring inspiration
and new passion
you find calm
in a peaceful moment
delicately turning all you once thought
into the churning sand
below the waves.

what was once thought
now cast away
memories linger on
soon to be forgotten too
inspiration like revelation
replaces all you once thought
and give you that sense of wonder
only your mind can create.
its beauty shares all things
in a certain way
and you pass from hardship
to serenity
with just another 
casual re-loaded thought.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

the story continues thinking going forward.

the image is not of an actual explosion of the determinable results
but the explosion of the mind when a new or challenging idea comes to mind.

Another typewriter ribbon holds more depth in analytic thinking , spontaneous thoughts and memories of thoughts brought to the surface from meditative concentration and relaxing thought provoking ideas'
the "I get it moment" is Epiphany of a sort  when a thought comes together and your reaction challenges the action you took in contemplative diagnosis of relevant notions and stimulating encouraging dialogue.
me looking at my reflection, just the same
inside out and outside in
the true me is still debatable.

once at the yard the engineer locates the correct placement of the commuting cars on their way to their designated destination. similarly we act in sort the same review.

Life goes on, steadily we take our course on a long and eventful journey. 

  another supply ship heads to the ISS because life in orbital space requires special needs and we have learned from those explorers we all have needs and our wants are beside the point of survival. we all need supplies and one of the requirements of life in space depends on ground support just like our living needs are coordinated with our passions and lifestyle.

another typewriter ribbon captures my thoughts on the printed page and the accumulation of my notes from my journal increases day by day and night by night; the story continues on another posting; too long for one sitting, now comfortable at my desk, in the sanctuary of my home and i deliberate on the next paragraph of this adventure in learning and accepting reality as it really is.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Philosophical Thinking of the Modern Era

greetings from earth, location the south poke, where the sky is clear and the summer sun revolves just above tree top and research here gives a clear perspective on the outer limits of deep space where our interest ought to be focused after we search ourselves from deep within to the surface of our consciousness.
another trip to the ISS with life saving cargo
beyond our world there are more

thru these windows
and doors to the outside
of the self
we see and interpret our world

Discussion and expression of "point of view" have a positive or negative effect on our being.
A point of view has many perspectives. In dialogue there are yours and mine and significant others in the conversation. The writer, Artist and musician bring their perspective from their own conscious material, from learning, experience and from knowledge and wisdom.


No dialogue is complete without media as receiver on the printed page to share those ideas and to address them. There will be no turning back, only a change of mind after looking at a subject from all sides.

these images show only one grand perspective and is appropriate for this discussion.

the mind is a curious thing, a living machine
temporarily connected to the mortal body
and soul
 but perhaps there is more ?

There will be no turning back the clock of time. How we use our time in thought makes the certain way of thinking what it is. what i do is thinking about thinking and progress to a final thought which is never really final. everything is subject to change, nature was made that way for some reason.

Perhaps William Blake had it right: if you want to change the world first change yourself.


maybe it's time to make that change? we only get older and the young ones have bold ideas and notions of their future even as you get older only time will tell. perhaps it's time for a drive in the sky. You live incessantly moving from moment to moment casually stopping to gain your strength, but sometimes you just fly and adjust your thinking as needed from the theories you gain from experience.

This may be a long story, but all I've got is time.
                                                                                 I've only just begun.

                                                                                    somewhere, up there beyond our atmosphere is an ether where only spirit exists. what a splendid thought. something to believe in perhaps.
Living with the past is written in history books; living in the present is mind boggling and so complex its simplicity is nearer comprehension than ever believed. Today is always forever.

High fly to center field, the athlete jumps and misses, home run. Hail Mary pass to the far end of the field, intercepted, the game is over. It's our interpretation and perspective that makes all the difference. Our view of reality as it is, is the only reality we can know. 

                                                                                so this is all we can do: take the good with the bad, interpret the situation and make conditions bearable to our own soul to survive.

flight, the ultimate sensation
from dawn to dusk we must find our own direction.

persistence and mindset with optimism keep our bigger story on the headlines of a revolving dialogue with your inner self and your actual inner mind where the sorting of facts and ingenuity brings us to where we want to go from a comfortable stationary point in the time continuum . 
the story continues in philosophical thinking going forward. 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

purely conceptual

back from a fantastic voyage there's more out there than people could understand.
this is our home
we are not alone
imagine that
life with space all around us
and no one in sight or hearing distance to hear our call
just making our own way thru the meadow
looking for a quiet place
to hear life go by
in all its essence and splemdor
free flight is a freedom to the scholarly and wise.
the feeling that comes from flying is undeniable favoritism
to those able to take to the skies
and soar with their dreams and intellectual abilities

i think it's my imagination and hope that keeps me afloat in this sea of madness called life.

if i could just get above the clouds it would be nice and sunny. sure i would have to deal with the winds but that would be the least of my worries; i could fly like a glider if i had to. the mind also works like that. maybe i'll try to find a picture. 

Amazing and incredible the factors the mind comes to terms with, concepts, notions, theory and hypothesis all about the world we live in and much more in the creative abstract sense, life in many different shapes and colors and all the factors that make us one humanity, but we separate ourselves from each other only caring about the important one:"Self" a small idea in a big package.

i've been here at my desk all day finding release to create open space for new ideas. good plan, it works; the burden of self containment takes up too much room and cluters what is important. now collected and reserved openness for liberation i can surely hope i made enough room for a temple that i call mind which holds treasures and memories and a wealth of creative imagination.

so now let us make room for a song, a distracting song with lyrics that bring you up and want to dance and listen more.     Night is coming on.      twilight has followed the sun and tonight i will sleep until another daylight shines thru my window. with each new day comes some newness, in thought and in nature; spring is here, the cold lingers, but time doesn't stop, it's the concept of "The Golden Eternity" our life to make of it what we will and more or less to use to our convenience to broaden our wisdom about the human character on nature's terms, reactionary animals, intelligent enough to make higher decisions than animals, vertical backbones separate us from those with horizontal backbones; just a higher form of life raving status with indispensable   wanting.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         forget about class, we all got some of our own kind, but there are those with money who don't give a damn and those so por they can't even aford another "o" to make por, poor; but in any situation you find yourself in you make the best of it because though change is constant it seldome comes our way and the fail safe becomes a catch 22 and you become stuck in the bile of life with a labyrinth of mazes to find your way out; so never mind how you got into this situation, you're in it now and only ingenuity can bring you out. life's original story- I will never leave you, remember me and I will show you the way. carry your ball and chain and with every step the weight gets lighter as you forget and start with another dream, a better future than the here and now; completely appreciable.