Sunday, April 20, 2014

Philosophical Thinking of the Modern Era

thru these windows
and doors to the outside
of the self
we see and interpret our world

Discussion and expression of "point of view" have a positive or negative effect on our being.
A point of view has many perspectives. In dialogue there are yours and mine and significant others in the conversation. The writer, Artist and musician bring their perspective from their own conscious material, from learning, experience and from knowledge and wisdom.


No dialogue is complete without media as receiver on the printed page to share those ideas and to address them. There will be no turning back, only a change of mind after looking at a subject from all sides.

these images show only one grand perspective and is appropriate for this discussion.

the mind is a curious thing, a living machine
temporarily connected to the mortal body
and soul
 but perhaps there is more ?

There will be no turning back the clock of time. How we use our time in thought makes the certain way of thinking what it is. what i do is thinking about thinking and progress to a final thought which is never really final. everything is subject to change, nature was made that way for some reason.

Perhaps William Blake had it right: if you want to change the world first change yourself.


maybe it's time to make that change? we only get older and the young ones have bold ideas and notions of their future even as you get older only time will tell. perhaps it's time for a drive in the sky. You live incessantly moving from moment to moment casually stopping to gain your strength, but sometimes you just fly and adjust your thinking as needed from the theories you gain from experience.

This may be a long story, but all I've got is time.
                                                                                 I've only just begun.

                                                                                    somewhere, up there beyond our atmosphere is an ether where only spirit exists. what a splendid thought. something to believe in perhaps.
Living with the past is written in history books; living in the present is mind boggling and so complex its simplicity is nearer comprehension than ever believed. Today is always forever.

High fly to center field, the athlete jumps and misses, home run. Hail Mary pass to the far end of the field, intercepted, the game is over. It's our interpretation and perspective that makes all the difference. Our view of reality as it is, is the only reality we can know. 

                                                                                so this is all we can do: take the good with the bad, interpret the situation and make conditions bearable to our own soul to survive.

flight, the ultimate sensation
from dawn to dusk we must find our own direction.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

purely conceptual

back from a fantastic voyage there's more out there than people could understand.
this is our home
we are not alone
imagine that
life with space all around us
and no one in sight or hearing distance to hear our call
just making our own way thru the meadow
looking for a quiet place
to hear life go by
in all its essence and splemdor
free flight is a freedom to the scholarly and wise.
the feeling that comes from flying is undeniable favoritism
to those able to take to the skies
and soar with their dreams and intellectual abilities

i think it's my imagination and hope that keeps me afloat in this sea of madness called life.

if i could just get above the clouds it would be nice and sunny. sure i would have to deal with the winds but that would be the least of my worries; i could fly like a glider if i had to. the mind also works like that. maybe i'll try to find a picture. 

Amazing and incredible the factors the mind comes to terms with, concepts, notions, theory and hypothesis all about the world we live in and much more in the creative abstract sense, life in many different shapes and colors and all the factors that make us one humanity, but we separate ourselves from each other only caring about the important one:"Self" a small idea in a big package.

i've been here at my desk all day finding release to create open space for new ideas. good plan, it works; the burden of self containment takes up too much room and cluters what is important. now collected and reserved openness for liberation i can surely hope i made enough room for a temple that i call mind which holds treasures and memories and a wealth of creative imagination.

so now let us make room for a song, a distracting song with lyrics that bring you up and want to dance and listen more.     Night is coming on.      twilight has followed the sun and tonight i will sleep until another daylight shines thru my window. with each new day comes some newness, in thought and in nature; spring is here, the cold lingers, but time doesn't stop, it's the concept of "The Golden Eternity" our life to make of it what we will and more or less to use to our convenience to broaden our wisdom about the human character on nature's terms, reactionary animals, intelligent enough to make higher decisions than animals, vertical backbones separate us from those with horizontal backbones; just a higher form of life raving status with indispensable   wanting.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         forget about class, we all got some of our own kind, but there are those with money who don't give a damn and those so por they can't even aford another "o" to make por, poor; but in any situation you find yourself in you make the best of it because though change is constant it seldome comes our way and the fail safe becomes a catch 22 and you become stuck in the bile of life with a labyrinth of mazes to find your way out; so never mind how you got into this situation, you're in it now and only ingenuity can bring you out. life's original story- I will never leave you, remember me and I will show you the way. carry your ball and chain and with every step the weight gets lighter as you forget and start with another dream, a better future than the here and now; completely appreciable.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Wishful Thinking or Reality

champions are made
ambition, motivation and drive
to excel and succeed

we create a legend for our self. we have our weakness and strength. you have to find the open   shot and swing; going for the knock out punch, opportunity arises and you have to go for it in the moment of decision.

Choice and decision are based on our focus and perception; there is a solution to every problem, our only recourse is to find knowledge and wisdom to succeed at our battle. Sooner  or later everything passes to rust and dust. dried flowers still have their beauty, and they are not dead, but living memories of  the moments of the Golden Eternity we partake of. 

Push far  enough into the void and nothingness has meaning and begins to be something. everything is important though we know it not what symbolism there is with life; but there is no stopping of time, it moves on into the infiniteness of eternity. some day they will forget us but the legend we make for our selves will live. we are born fighters for life and then there is more; wisdom shows us the way thru the labyrinth life gives and we take what we will; our creativity lures us deeper into thought.

There is no agreement that the "Golden Mountain" does or does not exist; but all things and beings do exist in the "Golden Eternity." Forever does exist in the present time, in the past and in the future; all is one complete and absolute continuity.

I think we can agree to disagree, it is the human way; opinion is infinitely debatable. Open conversation receives more results than no dialogue at all. We wonder who we really are, where we are going; but we can agree we know where we came from history is forever being recorded.

My conceptual journeys have been in some respects informative and creative gestures of mental fathoming into the mysteries of life that can be denied or not, but are completely enchanting to the one who labors in thought. Everything has some meaning. Even nothing has some meaning. 
It is imperative that our explanations be consistent with common consent.

 Where we are going is not too far over the horizon. Where we come from is too far to realize.
The clock is ticking; sometimes you have to say good by, but I will return; the countdown begins. It's always beginning, over and over, simply forever, with nature as its only cause.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Move on From The Past

flying a supersonic jet fighter must be an awesome thrill,
but it takes time and practice to learn the skills
be patient and learn well because
the freedom is unforgetable
sunrise or sunset every 90 minutes the International Space Station circles the Earth
that's a lot of days and nights in our time
the symbols and words that give commands must be intelligible;
some people move on faster than others, it's their liberty and privilege,
some people never move on and live in the past,
some people stop and think and rest and go on their way,
you have to decide what's right for you
to see the moon more than once in a night must be an incredible feeling. Our emotions run deep.
from up in space you get a different perspective of the Earth
some people wil never know, others will only dream;
                                                     reality is all in your mind .                                               

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Philosophical thinking: Space Shuttle Discovery Liftoff

Philosophical thinking: Space Shuttle Discovery Liftoff
just click on the title to view a moment in time.
We remember even now as ever more.

Elemental Thinking

In a moment of time the passing thought occupied my realization pre-conceived emotional passion ; came and went but not forgotten, stored as a treasure, gem stones and jewels in my memory that awakened with a song. That which shows itself and in the same time withdraws is the essential trait of what we call mystery. It In a par-sec of a second, a moment all by it self happens  like that life  does. I awoke from a lucid dream hearing water, like a brook in the wood streaming down hill toward a pond cool and clear on a hot summer day. I rested there for a while. I awoke again in the night and saw the reflection of the sky in the pond. I remembered and chose not to forget. I sat beside the shore and wanted to get in, but upon that thought I decided if I were to get into the water I would be getting into the sky. It happened like that. I saw the sky in the water and I saw the sky in the air above me and breathed it in and the sky filled my spirit and I was satisfied and content in the moment. Satisfied with the passionate emotion the thought provoked I fell back to sleep and decided my imagination was reality and it was, it is, forever a keepsake thought from some enlightened cherishing of creativity. Forever more I will remember the flight of imagination into the reality of thought.

Why not? If thinking is the essence of man then looking away from thinking is possible. A perpetual motion machine? Five steel marbles hanging from separate threads draw one and let it go and the far one on the other side responds adinfinitum. An object in motion remains in motion unless acted upon by another force. An object at rest remains at rest unless acted upon by another force. A natural law I remembered, a continual thought that reoccurs , nothing wasted, nothing lost, converted into energy the human mind responds in character; principles of thermodynamics and physics. Numbers too have their own meaning like words. One leading to another in response to the interaction of subliminal forces upon the consciousness. And then I realized I was awake in my own dream.

So how is thinking explained except by the willing of an idea, conceiving it, and then forming a perception; say it be real or imaginary everything in the mind has its own reality. The music plays on leading me to follow the rhythmic sequences of note, tone and harmony. Words too carry you along like a song without lyrics.

I will to consider  the transformation brought about by my own power to be creative with the thinking that I do, by the effort of imagination to go beyond and exceed my own expectations. With improvisation and spontaneity, conjecture and fact, non-fiction and fiction; an orchestration of complete magnificence, in syncopated time, rhythm and rhyme, pastel hues, different shades of gray,
particle acceleration in zero gravity surface in my own conscious subjection.

Invention, a curious thing to will to conceive something and bring it to a real perception, by the mind alone we drift and wander and wonder in continuous thought.

Another page in time, more thoughtful reflections in a midnight pond where sky is both up and around floating on the surface; perhaps with the changing constant variables of thought the enterprise of an idea wills itself into being and then becoming in a calculative and meditative thought written out on a printed page, the jazz of lyrics, line verse and thoughtful ramblings of a metaphysical poet.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Moment of Decision

On the one matter is the reality of actuality and on the other is our creative imagination that gives to us the freedom to many believe in things unknown and unproven. The decision and choice is ours to have reason to hope and believe and have faith in what we want to believe.  Though many Angels may protect us demons constantly attack our mind with thoughts and in life attack our very existence with random chance and random events that bring situation and circumstance to the forefront of our survival. They challenge the roll of the dice and the draw of the card, but the power of thought provoking spiritual warfare is in our human nature.

Sure we have indifference to opinion, but remember opinion is infinitely debatable and because we have the freedom of thought sometimes our thoughts recognize differences of opinion are part of each of our personalities and character. You have to believe in something even if you have to believe in yourself to move on with time and age comes to you with wisdom and experience, along with random chance and situations, and conditions so give me the strength to accept the things I cannot change and change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference, and when I look into a mirror I recognize change starts with me and then the world around me and inside me will change; like nature, change is one constant element of life we can believe in and happens in a parsec of a moment without notice.

Living on the edge is challenging, pushing the envelope to the extreme balancing it on the close edge of the table keeping it from falling to the floor. But maybe the envelope cannot be pushed further than the imaginary limits we put on it? Perhaps there are no limits, but gravity cannot be denied unless you live in space where zero g’s are just fine with me. Somewhere between the top of the water and the sandy bottom of the ocean I balance myself  scuba diving in zero g conditions and focus just on the sound of my breathing and heartbeat. All the while keeping the original thought my mind gives its attention to- life surrounds me and goes on inside me and both realities exist simultaneously.

Remember an idea can be easily lost if not written down and there is more to reading than just the words; it’s the words that have meaning and we are given to thought provoking ideas when we read or even write; a territory of no man’s land uninhabitable except in our imagination, and after the power of a thought overwhelms us more thoughts arrive before we can think further and our mind races to keep pace with even our own thoughts. We have to create an openness or clearing space to negotiate all our thoughts and consider them and weigh their worth and value. We must consider our mindset and how we negotiate the way we think because it takes a certain way of thinking to realize the power of thought.

In brief we search for short term conclusions and deal with them as need arises. We must regard the contemplative and meditative conclusions we come to and the consequences they bring. We lead ourselves into the complexities of the human philosophy. Life goes on without regard for time because it is endless in the Golden Eternity and we are conscious except that we, in our days are surrounded by our sleep. When you add it all up the tears and pleasure are equal. Is it any wonder the monkey is confused? The interplay of thought and argument for the present moment is reflected in the attitude we have towards contemplative and meditative thinking; but we do get caught up in the moment and decision is based on the worth and value of pleasure without regard for consequence. And then we face head on with

With the consequences of our actions and reactions negotiating or own desires spontaneously and thoughtless in the moment of choice and decision.